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Stories worth telling…

Woooooo! We have launched our new Big Lottery Funding programmes in Scotland. The launch went ahead on Thursday 26th November. Big Lottery staff across the office visited Big Lottery funded projects all over Scotland, from the Borders to the Shetland Islands! Staff and projects took part in sharing their stories on social media. Check out #BigScotland on Twitter and have a look at the Big Scotland staff and projects moments….
I created this video to introduce our new funding plans and new approach for 2015-2020.

On Friday (27th Nov) I attended the ‘Art of Brilliant Storytelling’ in London, hosted by Camelot. The event was an opportunity to bring together the National IMG_1551(1)Lottery family, including Camelot, National Lottery Promotions Unit, distributors like Big Lottery/ Heritage Lottery Fund and partner agencies.  It’s not an event that has ever happened before but I think it was really successful and I loved the whole experience.
The only thing I would say was missing was a hashtag!! A few of us were tweeting but there was no hashtag announced at the start. This would have been more effective to bring together thoughts and comments as the speeches and events were going on.
The morning session, at ITV Studios, was jam packed full of speeches from a range of professionals from TV, press, digital and film. The aim was to share how to use stories in an effort to engage your audiences from news stories to conveying your organisations messages.

“No story lives unless someone wants to listen.” JK Rowling


Really loved this! The resident ITV doodler summarised the speeches on the wall (full scribble wall below)

Head of News ITV- don’t just deliver the obvious. If there is a local story- seek the people who know about the story, whether its family or friends. You will be amazed what can be unravelled from people in the sideline. They may have a story to share themselves with a whole new perspective.


‘The Suffragette’ at London’s Imperial War Museum

It was fascinating to hear how data is taking over everything. In fact, it has been predicted by 2030 there will no longer be a need for journalists. Computers will have the ability to churn out news updates. However individuals telling stories in different ways will never fade… only humans have the ability to reach out and capture others attention at an emotional level to deliver a message.

In the afternoon we were treated to a Lottery funded film ‘The Suffragete’ at the London Imperial War Museum.  We heard a quick update from the producer of the film and how lottery monies contribute towards the British film industry.


I always get this impression from people that ‘storytelling’ is such a wanky term. However wankyness aside… there is truth in it. Call it what you may but ‘storytelling’ is something that will always be relevant, it connect us as humans and keeps us all engaged.