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How to get out of your social media rut

Some groups think to stay ahead of the game they constantly need to schedule daily content to engage and encourage their followers. This is all very well if you have interesting and engaging content to run with…

However if you find yourself searching for anything so you can just tweet/post for the sake of it. Wrong move!

dugOne way to tell is how long you ponder over a tweet. If you’re still sitting there 5 minutes later. Ding ding ding.. That’s your warning sign!

Giving into the pressure of pushing out similar daily content not only creates bland tweets/posts but it also weakens the interest of your followers. ,


Top Tips

Here are a few suggestions you can take to prevent falling into the trap of bland daily predictable posts:

1) The more the merrier… the more volunteers/ employees that have access to your socialhands media accounts, the more creative and interesting tweets you will get.

If you want to monitor who tweets what, (especially if you start engaging with people) ask those involved to include their name or initials at the end of a tweet. You may still have one person who coordinates and manages your networks. Just don’t restrict your social media activity to one person.


2) Learn something new… even in your spare time! If you love social media as much as you think you do. You will go out your way to learn new skills. There is so much out there, the internet has everything you need to know… whether you want to start creating videos, podcasts, imagery or music. Skills are transferable, you might not realise at the time. But when you’re blessed with a spark of inspiration, you will have the skills to draw upon. Be creative and test things out.

3) Connect with similar people/groups not just in internet land but in real life.  Inspiration doesn’t just come from searching on the internet. If you’re working in a charity/volunteering for a group- go out your way to make real connections. You will be amazed how much inspiration you get just by making a little effort.


4) Don’t overthink! Social media is real! Keep it natural. Go with the flow, sometimes intuition makes an appearance and you know the right thing to say in a given moment. Tweets like these will be more authentic and appealing.


funny monkey5) Be silly! We all want a bit of fun on social media. When scrolling through your updates… what grabs your attention first? An amusing monkey image or a bland organisational update?

Obviously there is a balance. Just don’t take things too seriously on your networks all the time.  If you want to capture your audience, experiment every now and again…take risks!




There are no rules! You aren’t expected to update when there is nothing to say. Take the pressure off. Keep it real:)

Don’t Go There.. #LiveThere

Airbnb have recently launched their latest campaign #LiveThere

The Airbnb CMO Jonathan Mildenhall aims to capture the essence of not visiting a place as a tourist but living there as a local (even if it’s just for one night). The company are digging deep into insight of the locals within places to visit. Airbnb’s app has updated features which include guidebooks from locals themselves.

airbnb1This not only separates the company from their competitors but it also offers potential customers that little bit more- experiencing the true feel for the city from the people who actually live there.  Find out more on their website.

Airbnb are very switched on when it comes to social media and recognise the importance of it when connecting with their customers. They cleverly focus their efforts on the appropriate social media platforms to use for their audience and take a personal approach when engaging with customers on Facebook or Twitter. Furthermore Airbnb ensure a range of teams within the company are clued up on social media. In doing this all teams, whether it is sales, customer service or operations, can truly understand customers needs from their own work skill set. Therefore integrating social media across the organisation which improves the overall connection with the companies audience.

‘Think global, Act local’…  this is a strong message for Airbnb’s external audience but the airbnb 2same applies internally in order to ensure they really understand their audiences needs.

Social media is not just a tool- it’s a way of working and used effectively can improve your connections with your audiences and transform your organisations overall goals.