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If you want your audiences to trust you- Here’s what you need to do…

If you expect your audiences to trust in your organisation- make sure you trust in your employees.

Trust is key for groups and organisations when enabling their employees/volunteers to use their social media channels.

A tweet from a named persons account will have far more resonance than a corporate account. Social media is all about engaging and building relationships with others.

If an organisation enables employees to have their own voice through their own social media accounts- this will create a far greater impact than an organisation that creates rules and imposes restrictions.

I’ve worked with groups who make it compulsory that their communications members using social media have to get their tweets signed off. I’m even talking about generic/ engaging/ chatty tweets.

We have too many cooks in the kitchenWhat?! It’s actually ridiculous when you think about it. By the time the tweets go round several different people in the committee/ senior management team- all personality and authenticity is stripped away.

This makes the tweets sound overly rehearsed, corporate and even worse… lacking in personality.



Let go of the controllet it go

There needs to be an understanding from your group’s committee/ management team.
Imagine you imposed the same views on employees/volunteers day to day interactions with each other and their customers as you do with social media. What would that be like?
You trust them and their ability as people to communicate so what makes social media any different?
Consider social media as part of your organisation – it’s a living and breathing entity. Social media is here to stay. Trust makes it grow.


Typos can be a good thing on social media

createIn fact- it probably helps by adding authenticity to the voice behind the account!
When you get past the premise that things really don’t need to be perfect- you will be amazed how your social media channels will grow.
When employees have freedom on social media, they contribute to raising awareness of your organisation and the overall friendly/approachable reputation you want to achieve.


Top tips

  • Have social media guidelines- but don’t make them too restrictive.
  • Trust in your employees/volunteers and watch the creative magic unfold.
  • Keep it real. Minor mistakes/typos are a good thing- it shows we are human.


Starbucks have the right idea- worth a read ‘How to turn your entire staff into a social media army’