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Jumping on the ‘social media awareness day’ bandwagon

You will have noticed a lot of organisations are using awareness days within their social media content.

It’s the most vanilla and unimaginative thing you can do for your organisations social media activity. Why? Let me give you three main reasons:

1) There are too many bland and unusual awareness days now. Here’s a few… World Towel Day, National Television Day, World Password Day… that’s all I can give you my brain switched off when I was looking through the list and I started feeling disorientated and lost.
Here’s more if you have time to procrastinate:


2) It’s unimaginative and boring – Organisations are jumping on the social media awareness day bandwagon to find any mediocre link with their organisation. For example ‘National Chocolate Day’… “to celebrate why not treat yourself to a bar of our delicious chocolate’. Yawn! Really? Everyday is a chocolate day for me!

3) It is becoming far too common. Organisations see it as an attempt to join what’s trending on the day. It’s not a good look.
I always think it acts like a fall back plan for people who haven’t thought about creating content that adds value.

If you are going to link into awareness days- make sure you are offering something of value or something different. Don’t just follow the sheep and say something for the sake of it. Make it unique/ witty/ clever or totally unexpected. When you surprise people with different and interesting content they will warm to your organisation and their expectations will increase.


Social media is so fast moving

On a similar note- it reminds me of ‘The Mannequin challenge’.

This was fun and different… at the beginning! The Hilary Clinton Election Day is the first one I came across at the time. Loved it!

Then days went on and the novelty wore off but organisations continued to try it out weeks and months later. Too late! It’s like talking to someone for half an hour and listening to them regurgitate the same point over and over. Nobody wants or needs to hear it.
If you’re going to jump on what’s trending- Change and adapt it! Evolve the original idea and make it your own…