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Over 110 years… to deliver the Macallan whisky in your glass today…

AHHhhhh finally getting round to another blog. ¬†I’ve taken my first week off of the year… yayyyy! The reason i’m getting the time to post! ūüôā

I recently visited Jerez, in Spain, a work trip to learn all about the craft behind the Macallan sherry seasoned European and American oak casks. ¬† It really was a fantastic trip! The attention to detail and dedication throughout the whole process is outstanding!! ¬†Made me realise just how special the Macallan whisky is…¬†

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Wood is very important in the Macallan world- especially since 80% of the Macallan flavour comes from the casks.  The quality of The Macallan whisky depends on the quality of the oak casks it is matured in, (alongside the quality of the new make spirit). The Macallan spends more per cask then any other distillery Рwhich includes sourcing, the crafting, seasoning and care.

What is so special about European and American oak? (warning… snippet of geek chat)

European oak– has a tighter grain and more of a porous structure. European oak grows at a slower pace compared to American oak, resulting in a high level of tannins.
European oak delivers-  dried fruit, spice, and chocolate flavours.

American oak- faster growing and more dense than European oak. 
American oak delivers- vanilla and fruity characteristics.


The cask journey – what happens?

Rather than bombard you with too much detail… let me sum it up in 6 points…

  1. Wood is sent to the cooperages in Jerez- from US (Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri) and Northern Spain
  2. Drying the wood- reduces moisture content of the oak
  3. The unformed oak casks are sprayed with water, so they become flexible enough to be formed and shaped into casks.
  4. The casks are then toasted by fire. this is the beginning of the maturation of casks… in terms of flavour (different levels of heat treatment can change the balance of flavours)
  5. The casks are then taken to the nearby sherry bodegas, where they are filled with dry oloroso sherry and left to rest and season for at least 2 years.
  6. Once complete- the casks are transported to The Macallan home in Speyside, filled with The Macallan’s spirit and left in a gentle slumber for many years before presented as a whisky.

So there you have it…

… 100 years since an acorn fell, ¬†2 years drying, 2 years seasoning with olroso sherry and at least 12 years in a gentle slumber at the distillery – meticulous detail every step of the way, The Macallan follows a truly spectacular journey to deliver the whisky you are holding in your glass today.


Stuart Macpherson, Master of Wood –bottom left in image– The Macallan’s Mr Cool.. (v good guy) is responsible for overseeing every stage of the Macallan cask production, the sourcing, the building process and managing the cask suppliers.

Stuart and David Miles (from Mixxit) will be delivering a masterclass, exploring the craft of whisky making at The London Whisky Show this Saturday 30th September.  Stuart will explain the impact wood has on whisky and David will let you know how you can identify aromas and flavours in Macallan whisky, as a result of the character from the wood.

The Whisky Show London- http://www.whiskyshow.com/london/

Good news for you!! You have a free ticket to get involved!

After the masterclass, we will be running a Facebook Live with both Stuart and David at 4.30pm.

Have a question for our Master of Wood??

Saturday 4.30pm- Come join us in the comfort of your own home:

Grab a glass of whisky and join the conversation:  www.facebook.com/themacallan

Introducing chocolate to your whisky…

I love it when two distinct themes come together! ¬†Just as I thought there was sooooo much to learn about whisky… chocolate makes an appearance. ¬†Mix them together and you create magic!

Mixing Lindt chocolate with Macallan Gold completely changes the dynamic of the flavours and texture.  It brings out mint and coffee notes.  It is actually unbelievable and incredibly addictive!

I now need to explore what whisky goes best with what chocolate.  Whisky and chocolate matchmaking. Stay tuned for future discoveries.

Do you mix your whisky with any food?  I hear whisky and cheese is another avenue.  What else is there?






Smashing in at 1st place…. The Macallan Sienna..

The Macallan Sienna…¬†Sweet, spicy, sensational!!

Sienna is part of The Macallan 1824 series – no age statement- alongside Gold, Amber and Ruby. I was introduced to my new favourite whisky on my very first visit to The Macallan last month.

I’ve honestly not tasted a whisky like it! ¬†Intense character and full of flavour.

Notes:  chocolate orange, fruity, apricots, raisins, vanilla and a touch of spice.


I was in Speyside for an overnight stay, in prep for a photography shoot at the spiritual home of The Macallan the following morning…. a 4.30am start! yip.. you heard me… a 4.30am start!

We had dinner the night before at the Copper Dog- a fantastic wee place in Craigellachie (built in 1893)- steeped in history with a modern twist. ¬†It’s cosy, quirky and well worth the visit. ¬†As you walk in you are presented with 900 whiskies sitting proudly on the¬†wall…

What one would you pick??


If you’re ever in Craigellachie… go there! The food is amazing as well.. Remember to book. It’s extremely popular…


Anyway, 4.30am the following morning…. ¬†Along with the social media agency and photographer Dan Rubin, the day was spent capturing Easter Elchies house, the spiritual home of the Macallan.

Here’s a few of my own snaps… Check the size of the big Daddy Macallan bottle!

It’s an amazing place… there is something mystical about it.


I love everything The Macallan brand stands for… its commitment to exceptional quality, its hunger for innovation and constantly striving to go beyond the ordinary.

It really is extraordinary! ¬†ūüôā