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Are you communicating effectively? Part 1/3

I’ve learned over the years communication is the most important skill in both your personal and professional life.  You could be the most intelligent and capable person in your profession, but if you don’t communicate effectively you run the risk of being underestimated and misunderstood.

When it comes down to it we are all a bunch of complex creatures with differing farm-animalspersonalities. Our minds process things in different ways and at varying speeds. We all communicate in a way that we feel is most effective.

Although what you believe is the most effective way of communicating may not be the best way for someone else. In any given situation, the message could mean the same thing but people can be express it in different ways. This can result in misinterpretation and confusion. In fact, you could say miscommunication results in the beginnings paperbagheadsof office politics. This is usually prominent in an open plan office with more than 50 people- all on different roles, at varying levels and all having their own unique expectations.
Some of us are people focussed, others are task focussed. None of us are exactly the same.

DISC (Dominance, Influence, Conscientious, Steadiness) suggests there are four styles of communication, we all at some point touch on these types depending on the situation. However it is suggested we all have a primary and a secondary type.
DISC gives you the opportunity to spot people’s style indisc. a professional setting through particular behaviours- verbal, vocal and body language. If you recognise the signs you will be able

to identify the style of communication they use. As a result you can modify your own communication style to suit.  Communication is something that can always be improved.

My next couple of blogs will break down the characteristics of the DISC types and how you can adapt your communication to effectively interact with them. This can be considered from all different levels whether you are a manager or not.