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How to get out of your social media rut

Some groups think to stay ahead of the game they constantly need to schedule daily content to engage and encourage their followers. This is all very well if you have interesting and engaging content to run with…

However if you find yourself searching for anything so you can just tweet/post for the sake of it. Wrong move!

dugOne way to tell is how long you ponder over a tweet. If you’re still sitting there 5 minutes later. Ding ding ding.. That’s your warning sign!

Giving into the pressure of pushing out similar daily content not only creates bland tweets/posts but it also weakens the interest of your followers. ,


Top Tips

Here are a few suggestions you can take to prevent falling into the trap of bland daily predictable posts:

1) The more the merrier… the more volunteers/ employees that have access to your socialhands media accounts, the more creative and interesting tweets you will get.

If you want to monitor who tweets what, (especially if you start engaging with people) ask those involved to include their name or initials at the end of a tweet. You may still have one person who coordinates and manages your networks. Just don’t restrict your social media activity to one person.


2) Learn something new… even in your spare time! If you love social media as much as you think you do. You will go out your way to learn new skills. There is so much out there, the internet has everything you need to know… whether you want to start creating videos, podcasts, imagery or music. Skills are transferable, you might not realise at the time. But when you’re blessed with a spark of inspiration, you will have the skills to draw upon. Be creative and test things out.

3) Connect with similar people/groups not just in internet land but in real life.  Inspiration doesn’t just come from searching on the internet. If you’re working in a charity/volunteering for a group- go out your way to make real connections. You will be amazed how much inspiration you get just by making a little effort.


4) Don’t overthink! Social media is real! Keep it natural. Go with the flow, sometimes intuition makes an appearance and you know the right thing to say in a given moment. Tweets like these will be more authentic and appealing.


funny monkey5) Be silly! We all want a bit of fun on social media. When scrolling through your updates… what grabs your attention first? An amusing monkey image or a bland organisational update?

Obviously there is a balance. Just don’t take things too seriously on your networks all the time.  If you want to capture your audience, experiment every now and again…take risks!




There are no rules! You aren’t expected to update when there is nothing to say. Take the pressure off. Keep it real:)

What can you expect at a Toastmasters meeting? Part 2/2

When you come along to your first meeting you’re warmly welcomed at the door. All members have a role for the evening whether its the Toatmaster, ah counter (counting all your ehs, ahs, ums), timekeeper, speaker or evaluator. There are many roles that make up the meeting.

The first session  is an opportunity to take part in table topics. If you are picked you get the chance to deliver an impromptu 2 minute speech on any given subject by the Table Topic Master.  If you’re a guest you can politely decline. It’s a great way to get you thinking on the spot and you soon start to learn the skills of communicating effectively on any subject.

The second part of the meeting is for prepared speeches where 4 members (all at their own level) each deliver a speech- whether they are working through the competent communication manual or one of the advanced manuals. You will notice throughout the meeting everyone who has a role receives feedback.

Competition season 

It’s competition season at Toastmasters where clubs all over the world compete in club competition, area, district and the world finals!

Every March Toastmasters members get the opportunity to compete in the International Speech and the Evaluation contest.  It’s a great way to improve yourself even further as competing in the competition makes you focus that little bit more.tm comp

This year I won both the International and Evaluation contest at the Glasgow Toastmasters club. yayyyyy!




I came 2nd in the Evaluation and 3rd in the Speech contest at the area level.  The top 2 places go through to the next level Divison Scotland so I’ll be competing (TODAY!! 24 April 2016) in the Evaluation contest at the Divison Scotland competition in the Tron Theatre Glasgow.

Looks to be a really fun day with a workshop in the afternoon ‘Credibility Killers and how to avoid them’ then the Speech and Evaluation competitions. I’ll post a blog in the next few days about the event and provide insight and tips from the fabby workshop.

*Update* 25 April-   I came 2nd place in the Evaluation Contest at Division Scotland.  The speeches were recorded – I’ll upload when I get it. Always good to get feedback 🙂 

One of my favourite Toastmasters speeches at the mo is the World International Speech competition winner from 2014 – Dananjaya Hettiarachi-  ‘I see something’.  Def worth a watch!

Pop along to your local Toastmasters club

I can honestly say Toastmasters is one of the best places to go if you want to improve your communication or leadership skills in anyway or even if you just want to be around like minded positive people.  Glasgow Toastmasters is an amazing club with some of the nicest and most interesting people you’ll ever meet.  You’ll not only improve your communication and leadership skills but you’ll have many laughs and meet really good friends along the way.

You always learn something new every single time- guaranteed!

The above is only just a glimpse of what Toastmasters has to offer.

If you want to get in touch about Glasgow Toastmasters, I’m always happy to chat- drop me an email goodfellow.adele@gmail.com

Check out this link for a list of Toastmaster clubs across Scotland. 


If you want your audiences to trust you- Here’s what you need to do…

If you expect your audiences to trust in your organisation- make sure you trust in your employees.

Trust is key for groups and organisations when enabling their employees/volunteers to use their social media channels.

A tweet from a named persons account will have far more resonance than a corporate account. Social media is all about engaging and building relationships with others.

If an organisation enables employees to have their own voice through their own social media accounts- this will create a far greater impact than an organisation that creates rules and imposes restrictions.

I’ve worked with groups who make it compulsory that their communications members using social media have to get their tweets signed off. I’m even talking about generic/ engaging/ chatty tweets.

We have too many cooks in the kitchenWhat?! It’s actually ridiculous when you think about it. By the time the tweets go round several different people in the committee/ senior management team- all personality and authenticity is stripped away.

This makes the tweets sound overly rehearsed, corporate and even worse… lacking in personality.



Let go of the controllet it go

There needs to be an understanding from your group’s committee/ management team.
Imagine you imposed the same views on employees/volunteers day to day interactions with each other and their customers as you do with social media. What would that be like?
You trust them and their ability as people to communicate so what makes social media any different?
Consider social media as part of your organisation – it’s a living and breathing entity. Social media is here to stay. Trust makes it grow.


Typos can be a good thing on social media

createIn fact- it probably helps by adding authenticity to the voice behind the account!
When you get past the premise that things really don’t need to be perfect- you will be amazed how your social media channels will grow.
When employees have freedom on social media, they contribute to raising awareness of your organisation and the overall friendly/approachable reputation you want to achieve.


Top tips

  • Have social media guidelines- but don’t make them too restrictive.
  • Trust in your employees/volunteers and watch the creative magic unfold.
  • Keep it real. Minor mistakes/typos are a good thing- it shows we are human.


Starbucks have the right idea- worth a read ‘How to turn your entire staff into a social media army’


Scottish Sun editor shares his thoughts

This week I attended a Gorkana Media briefing with Gordon Smart- ediFullSizeRendertor from the Scottish Sun.

Gordon was interviewed in front of an audience of about 20 of us.  It was a great opportunity to find out about his personal experiences, challenges and thoughts about his career in journalism and working for the Scottish Sun.

Here are my top tips from the night for PR folk

  • Relationships are key.  The more journos you know- the more likely you will get something in the paper. The best time to approach a journalist at the Scottish Sun is first thing in the morning or after work for a drink.  I thought this sounded very old school and relevant to the PR – journalist relationship before social media made an appearance.  However the key is still connecting and building relationships. Interesting to know this route is still valued by some journalists. 
  • Strong headlines grab attention. When emailing the Scottish sun treat the email subject heading as if you’re writing a breaking story.
  • Ptich your story within 27 seconds.  Get to the point! Attention spans are getting shorter due to social media.
  • Some PR professionals believe Friday’s are not a good day to pitch your story.  However Friday is still a good day to pitch.  There are days when certain stories work. Don’t underestimate a Friday

Check out Gorkana’s write up of the night: http://gorkana.com/news/consumer/people-news/gorkana-meetsthe-scottish-sun-2/