How to get out of your social media rut

Some groups think to stay ahead of the game they constantly need to schedule daily content to engage and encourage their followers. This is all very well if you have interesting and engaging… Continue reading

Don’t Go There.. #LiveThere

Airbnb have recently launched their latest campaign #LiveThere The Airbnb CMO Jonathan Mildenhall aims to capture the essence of not visiting a place as a tourist but living there as a local (even… Continue reading

What can you expect at a Toastmasters meeting? Part 2/2

When you come along to your first meeting you’re warmly welcomed at the door. All members have a role for the evening whether its the Toatmaster, ah counter (counting all your ehs, ahs,… Continue reading

What’s Toastmasters all about? Part 1/2

Toastmasters What’s it all about?  I’ve had lots of friends and colleagues ask me what happens at Toastmasters. There always seems to be a misconception that it’s a bunch of high flying business… Continue reading

If you want your audiences to trust you- Here’s what you need to do…

If you expect your audiences to trust in your organisation- make sure you trust in your employees. Trust is key for groups and organisations when enabling their employees/volunteers to use their social media… Continue reading

Don’t sweat the small stuff on social media

There is no space for perfectionists on social media. When I began my social media journey years ago – I used to spend time over thinking my tweets/Facebook posts… ‘Does that make sense?… Continue reading

There is still a place for traditional media

I attended a digital meetup event the other night in Glasgow. One of the speakers mentioned something that got me squirming… the way he delivered it didn’t help much. The speaker (we will… Continue reading

Stories worth telling…

Woooooo! We have launched our new Big Lottery Funding programmes in Scotland. The launch went ahead on Thursday 26th November. Big Lottery staff across the office visited Big Lottery funded projects all over… Continue reading