Mixing whisky with stars…

Really? I know!  What a bizarre (but fun) combination…

Last week, I went along with a friend from work (Alastair- big whisky and science fan) to a whisky/science evening at the Glasgow Science Centre.

The night kicked off with whisky tasting…

Rod from the Good Spirits Company talked us through each whisky (list below).  A scientist would occasionally step in to chat about ‘molecules’?  atoms?

I’m not going to lie- the more whisky I had the more my brain shut off to molecule chat.

We were then taken into the planetarium and blanketed with a night sky full of stars.  Stunning!  We learned about all the star constellations.. big dipper/cooking pot.

In all seriousness though, it was beautiful to see… especially after 6 drams!!   🙂

The list of whiskies from the night (courtesy of Rod’s Twitter account – @rodbodtoo)

If my memory serves me right, i’m sure my favourite was number 4. Ever tried any of these?

Whisky makes you do strange things… at one point I felt I was levitating in

the room…

that’s because…

I was levitating… in the room…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Anyhooo, last week was my first week in my new job at The Macallan.  Loving it so far! Lovely people and lots of information to learn and take in! Exciting times!  More on my Macallan adventures in future posts 🙂

Have a fabulous whiskified week.


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