What’s holding you back in life? 

I had the pleasure of welcoming William Cassels to Glasgow Toastmasters this week.

Bill left Scotland in 1956 to live in Canada. At the time he had a really bad speech impediment and could only communicate by writing notes on scrap bits of paper.

In 1974, Bill brought his impediment under control by joining Toastmasters. Since then he has spoken in 3 countries, 5 states in the USA, 5 Provinces in Canada, given 1 sermon and performed on 3 cruise ships including the latest Queen Elizabeth.

Bill said, “We have no idea what we can do until we leave our comfort zone.” What a perfect example!

Toastmasters helps people become better speakers and better leaders and operates in 142 countries- with over 16,000 clubs worldwide!

The people you meet, experiences you’ll gain and the opportunities available are endless. It all starts with your first visit. Pop along to a club near you and give it a try!
Give me a shout if you have any questions.


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