Want your social media audiences to listen? Get visual…

I don’t know about you but I’m finding my concentration span on social media lasts approx 3 seconds.  If I’m honest I don’t take the time to read anything past 600 words.

One of my clients has lots of stats and information to share with their audience.  Up until now they share the odd piece of information via written word.  This isn’t engaging at all.. if you don’t find it jumps out at you, your audiences certainly won’t.

I’ve introduced them to the magic of infographics.  They are so effective for social media, especially when most people just scan their social media feeds.  They can  be used if you are trying to highlight and compare lots of statistics, themes or important points you want to highlight.  The infographics are pariculalry effective on Twitter and Instagram.

One of my clients are fundraising for charity- they want to demonstrate how much money raised goes towards many specific items that help people in need.  My advice? Make it visual and use thought provoking sentences.

For example- here’s an infographic crammed with lots of facts and thought provoking info…





















Source:  http://www.bestdoctorsblog.com/au/movember/

Believe it or not powerpoint is great for creating infographics.

I created the below in half an hour for #NationalStressAwarenessDay for Big Lottery Fund













My colleague Alastair Jackson at Big Lottery Fund created the below infographic on Powerpoint ‘Outcomes are a piece of cake’. This was successfully received by applicants, grantholders, Council for Voluntary services and Funders across the UK.

outcomes piece of cake











Effective eh?!

If time is an issue for you.. there are many websites that offer you templates to create quick and simple infographics including https://venngage.com/ and https://piktochart.com/  Be wary some websites will charge however if you have lots of info to get across regularly – it will be worth investing in a small fee for the value you will share to audiences.

So.. if you have screeds of information to put across.. Unleash your creativity and say it in and in an infographic.

  • It’s all about being visual on social media – what would provide you with an even greater impact is making your infographics come alive with short video edits within your infographics. ooooh er!  I will leave this for another blog…

Here’s a great link to give you some ideas. http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/5-ways-to-create-infographics-for-instagram/

If you have any questions or want some advice.. get in touch adelegoodfellow@social-ray.com