#ThisGirlCan Why was this multimedia campaign so successful?

Been a busy couple of months… I finally got my results back for my CIPR PR diploma, I received a merit overall. Good to get it complete and out the way.

I also have my final Toastmasters speech tonight ‘Inspire your audience’. My topic is on how improving your attitude and communication skills can improve your chances for success… in anything.  Wayyy excited for it!!

Another speech I delivered recently at Toastmasters and also a Third sector audience was on the success of the multimedia Sport England campaign #ThisGirlCan (with a particular focus on the social media side of it)

Here’s a bit of background on the This Girl Can campaign and why I believe it was so successful….


A multimedia campaign, from Sport EPicture2ngland, targeted at women between the ages of 14 and 40 to take part in sport or physical activity.



Audience research

  • The insight team identified the rates of participation in sport through the Active People Survey and discovered 2 million fewer women than men in the UK don’t take part in sport or physical activity.
  •  For years the focus has been on communicating with organisations that deliver sport, rather than consumers. Previous barriers included: sport was too expensive, there was no time and there were not enough facilities.
  • The Sport England Insight team dug a little deeper and started concentrating on women’s core values including womens relationship with sport and the importance of friendship groups .
  • They discovered , in focus groups and surveys, women don’t relate to celebrities when encouraged to take part in sport. They relate to each other. In order to change women’s behaviour it was vital to engage with them.
  • Therefore the digital strategy focussed on taking the content and conversation to where women already are. As a result social media became an integral part of the campaign.

Sport England hired a Creative Agency to create a video for the launch on television. The ad featured real women and highlighted the common self conscious fears of taking part in sport e.g. sweating/ red face and frizzy hair. Humour was used in an attempt to relate to other women…


Here’s why I reckon the campaign was so successful

  • The target audience was properly researched- to the extent of analysing emotional and psychological behaviours of women.  The Insight team concentrated on what makes women tick.  This gave a solid grounding on how womens behaviours could be changed.
  • The main goal of ‘changing behaviour’ was set out from the start and maintained throughout the campaign.
  • The agency was overly impressed with the insight Sport England brought to them.  The fact all the research was done gave the agency the opportunity to focus on solid creative output
  • In the two months leading up to the launch of the advert in January 2015. The social media team were already engaging with women on Twitter/Facebook. For example women who were posting about being too cold or feeling too lethargic to work-out.  Sport England SM team used humour and conversation to encourage the women to take part.  This was a chance to introduce the #ThisGirlCan hashtag at an early stage.

All the preparation meant by the time the ad launched in January 2015. Sport England already had a core group of followers ready to spread the message.

  • The campaign was integrated.  Traditional media provided the reach and social media enabled engagement.

Sport England achieved impressive stats on social media. The This Girl Can Facebook page has more likes (over 325,000) than the Sport England Facebook page itself.  Also, the #ThisGirlCan video has reached over 8 million views on YouTube.

Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/ThisGirlCanUK/?fref=ts

Twitter:    https://twitter.com/ThisGirlCanUK

However putting the impressive stats aside..The main goal of the campaign was to change women’s behaviour. There are now over 325,000 women who continue to engage with the campaign on social media. Furthermore the impact of the campaign not only changed the behaviour of women in the UK, it resonated with women worldwide.

The success of #ThisGirlCan still continues…


Presentation slides to support my presentation below: