The greatest gift you can give

This was one of my first blog posts on my Big Lottery blog I came across it recently and wanted to share it with you all on here…

You know that feeling you get when you’ve missed your train by a minute? A touch of frustration sets in when you realise you have to wait another half hour…

Have you ever had time to squander before a meeting? Or perhaps you arrived too early when meeting a friend? I’m sure many of us have been in a situation when we couldn’t wait for time to pass quick enough.

A couple of weeks ago I attended the Glasgow Disability Sport Open day. Arriving earlier than expected I began having ‘that feeling’.

A lovely gentleman in a wheelchair started chatting to me. He was waiting on his friend for a game of tennis. Considering we both had some time to spare, I suggested we go to the canteen for a coffee.a-cup-of-coffee

I was fascinated to find out what got him into tennis… He told me he started playing a few years after he was involved in a car accident. The accident left him with a spinal injury resulting in him being in a wheelchair ever since. He tragically lost his wife in the accident and was left to bring up his young son. I was completely taken aback. Little did I know, this positive man full of vitality and warmth had experienced such a tragic incident.

As we chatted I was made aware of just how appreciative and happy he was in the present time. I couldn’t help but admire his exuberance and passion for life.

Isn’t it amazing how a simple conversation with a stranger can really open your eyes? You can learn so much by just giving a little piece of your time to listen to someone. And you’ll never realise how you impacted or added value to their own life.  We all live in such a fast paced environment where we can’t wait to move onto our next task. Maybe sometimes if we slowed down a little we would appreciate things a little more.

For everything that man cherished, I valued a moment of his time.


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