Scottish Sun editor shares his thoughts

This week I attended a Gorkana Media briefing with Gordon Smart- ediFullSizeRendertor from the Scottish Sun.

Gordon was interviewed in front of an audience of about 20 of us.  It was a great opportunity to find out about his personal experiences, challenges and thoughts about his career in journalism and working for the Scottish Sun.

Here are my top tips from the night for PR folk

  • Relationships are key.  The more journos you know- the more likely you will get something in the paper. The best time to approach a journalist at the Scottish Sun is first thing in the morning or after work for a drink.  I thought this sounded very old school and relevant to the PR – journalist relationship before social media made an appearance.  However the key is still connecting and building relationships. Interesting to know this route is still valued by some journalists. 
  • Strong headlines grab attention. When emailing the Scottish sun treat the email subject heading as if you’re writing a breaking story.
  • Ptich your story within 27 seconds.  Get to the point! Attention spans are getting shorter due to social media.
  • Some PR professionals believe Friday’s are not a good day to pitch your story.  However Friday is still a good day to pitch.  There are days when certain stories work. Don’t underestimate a Friday

Check out Gorkana’s write up of the night:


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