What kind of communicator are you? Part 2/3

Ever find there are people you just instantly click with and others you don’t?  The people you instanly click with at work will more than likely be the same type as you.

Today’s blog focusses on the Dominant (D) and Influence (I) types from the DISC communication styles.

DONALDThe ‘D’ type celebrity

Donald Trump
David Letterman
Hilary Clinton
Robert DeNiro

                            The ‘I’ type celebrityBILL

Bill Clinton
Andre Agassi
Will Smith
Oprah Winfrey

The table below breaks down the characteristics, includes tips on how to communicate with these types and how to give feedback.  I’ve split the ‘D’ and ‘I’ types into a table to make it easier to compare and easier to digest…


Do you recognise any qualities in yourself in the D and I types? You may notice you have some qualities in different DISC types but everyone will naturally have a primary type they belong to.

disc.When you learn about all four types you’ll start noticing the traits in your colleagues or people you are networking with. It has been acknowledged that a successful team will include a mixture of the different types of people.

In recognising the ways people communicate you can adapt your own communication style in order to be more effective.

The third and final part of this blog series will be uploaded soon, looking at the Conscientious and Steadiness communication types. Stay tuned!

Blog sources

This is where I got the information.  Incredible wee podcasts!  Give them a listen! Worthwhile (especially if you prefer listening rather than reading) 🙂

Dominant type –   http://www.manager-tools.com/2006/03/the-d-in-disc
Influence type –    http://www.manager-tools.com/2006/04/the-i-in-disc

Celebrity types-  http://onlinediscprofile.blogspot.co.uk/2010/11/disc-styles-of-famous-people.html

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