My Top 6 PR blogs

The PR world is fast moving and constantly changing.  It’s always a good idea to keep up to speed on what’s happening.

I’ve came across some interesting blogs over the past few months. Here’s a list of my Top 6 blogs:

Simon Wakeman    Simon is an Agency Director at Deeson, his blog focuses on all things digital.  He offers a refreshing take on PR based on his own experience and includes some personal contributions. 

Stephen Waddington    Stephen sheds some light on PR happenings and also some quirky posts. Including his recent ‘Art and the importance of making things’ 

Brian Solis    Brian shares his experiences on how social media has reinvented PR.  I read one of his books for my PR course ‘Putting the Public back in PR’  I would highly recommend it

Behind the Spin   a blog for students and young professionals.

PR Conversations   a look into real life PR examples within a community of PR enthusiasts.

And finally….SocialMediaTipsBusiness

Buffer   Buffer gives you jam packed tips on social media. The blog has several contributors and covers a whole range of topics from top tips to social media measurement.  If you subscribe to the blog you receive regular updates. The blog content is top notch and easy to read. 

Happy reading!


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