I’ve finished the CIPR PR diploma… I’m freeeee!!

I’ve finally completed my CIPR PR diploma! Yayyyyyy!  Happy-dogIt’s amazing just how much time has been spent working on it. Work… eat… work… sleep. .. repeat. Now I’m freeee!  This pic pretty much sums up how I’m feeling…..

My final research project was on ‘How to improve social media effectiveness in a public sector communications team: Using Big Lottery Fund as a case study.  I’ll share some findings with you over the next few blogs.
Last week I returned to work after a fortnight of studying. I attended an ITV film shoot at the Tron Theatre in Glasgow. ITV are creating short commercials for the National Lottery to showcase projects that have benefited from Lottery funding. Big Lottery funded Dates N Mates is one of the groups to feature. A fantastic wee project that helps adults with learning disabilities find friendships and potential romantic partners. Check them out! http://www.dates-n-mates.co.uk/

When I arrived I was taken through to a wee room at the back. Everything was ready for filming, cameras… music… andddd disco lights!! It amazes me just how much time, resources and effort can go into a short 30 second film! Sometimes I think audiences don’t realise just how long it can take to bring a clip together, particularly the editing process.  As the Dates N Mates group arrived they were welcomed to a game of musical bingo… shortly followed by some karaoke and dancing. The atmosphere was electric! I’m sure ITV captured some epic moments. Stay tuned for the adverts on ITV in mid August 2015. I’ll also post the link up here when they are ready.

18/08/2015- updated-  As promised here’s the advert:


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