CIPR Critical Reasoning Test answers

I’ve had a busy couple of weeks typing up my literature review for my final project.  The deadline for the draft was today.  Another hurdle over!

Last week the results came out for the PR planning project and I was over the moon to find out my assignment was graded a Distinction!!! Yayyyyy!  It was a hefty piece of work- I was tasked with coming up with a Corporate PR plan for the Bitcoin Foundation.  More about that in a future blog.

When studying the CIPR PR Diploma – It’s always beneficial to have a look at others past answers to assignments so today I provide you with mine.

The Critical Reasoning Test is the first assignment you get when you study the diploma. I would also have to say it’s the most challenging because if you’ve been out of Uni for a while your brain takes a bit of time shifting back into academic writing.  You also have to contend with learning PR theories you’ve never heard of before.  Once you get over this assignment you’ll find the next ones a little less daunting as the theories you learn in the first will more than likely be relevant for the next two.

I received a merit on both papers:

1) ‘Mass media constitute the key components in a nation’s public- information system, a system in which public relations practitioners play an increasingly important role as sources for expanding proportion of content. (Broom and Sha). Examine whether this remains an accurate reflection of PR practice.

2) Evaluate the role that public relations can play in enabling exchange and communal relationships.

I’m happy to share the feedback I received for the essays.  If you’re keen to find out the feedback please drop me an email and I’ll send it over. 🙂


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