Studying for the CIPR PR diploma…

In September last year I decided to study the Chartered Institute Public Relations Diploma (online).  Almost everything I know about working in communications was on the job so I thought it would be a good idea to have some substance behind it.  I wanted a solid grounding of PR to enable me to have a wider knowledge to draw upon when making decisions or planning ahead.

The first assignment was a beast!!  The Critical Reasoning Test-  This involved writing two essays (2500 words each).  The deadline was the 7th January 2015 which meant I was working on it over Christmas and New Year.  Although I still managed to eat lots of chocolate and consume lots of wine which eased the work overwhelm.

What I initially found a challenge was adapting to an academic writing style.  It feels like a looong time since I was at Uni.

In academic writing we are expected to use long and reflective sentences.    Quite ironic considering we train ourselves in communications to write short and simple messages!  Perhaps it is a valuable test on how we can adapt our communication style when needed.

I received my results in March 2015 and I was pleased to find out both essays were graded as Merit! Woooo!   I’ll happily post them in another blog. Hopefully they will be of some value for future CIPR PR diploma students.

I’m now on my Final research project. Thankfully, in this assignment, you can choose your own research question.  I’ve decided to use Big Lottery Fund Scotland Communications team as a case study.  I’ll blog about this another time with more info.  I don’t want to open the oven door prematurely when my ideas aren’t properly baked. 🙂


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